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Results Of First Improvisation Workshop

So, today I held my first acting workshop based upon the techniques and methods I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. I Invited 5 friends to the first session, 2 of whom had previous acting experience and 3 with none. The session was a great success and, as well as being a great […]

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Alternative Acting Methodologies.

My research into mainstream vs. alternative cinema has proven to be  very rewarding especially in regard to the way in which  film production and film product are inextricably linked and that how a film is made impacts greatly on the qualities of the final film  produced. This observation seems especially applicable with regard to how actors are employed in the film […]

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Bakhtin’s Polyphony – A Carnival Of Voices

Just been reading an extremely interesting book by G. Morson, entitled  Mikhail Bakhtin: Creation of a prosaic. (1990) which  I feel to be somehow related to my previous blogs about cinema’s delimiting influence. Here are   a few thoughts regarding the book –  Mikhail Bakhtin (1895–1975) was a Russian formalist/phenomenologist philosopher who […]

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