I intend to use this blog as platform to explore my ideas relating to film making and my own practice. This is especially important to me at the moment as I have recently started an M.A. in T.V. and Film at Hertfordshire University and really need to start thinking critically and creatively about the form and content of the films I want to make. I will be writing and shooting a 10-20 minute short in semester C (April 2016) and having a place to collate my reflections, influences & inspirations will be really useful.

My approach to writing this blog isn’t clear to me as yet but I do hope to use it is a tool to gain a deeper understanding of how to differentiate my own film practices from those of the mainstream commercial movie making practices in general. I also want to spend some time deconstructing the myriad ritualistic, unchallenged, and unconscious techniques and approaches which, I feel, constitute today’s mainstream Hollywood approach.

My hope is that once I have spent time considering some of these broader critical issues, I will have a much clearer idea about the kind of film I want to make for my Semester C project and  I can then start to use my blog creatively as a tool for ideation, script development etc.

With these points in mind I have created 4 sub categories for my blog postings – 

  1. critically thinking – I will use this archive to store my broader reflections on the state of film as a cultural art form
  2. inspiration – this will be my library of filmmakers and artists who influence me
  3. my work – I will use this category to store my own script, film, work etc.
  4. uncategorised – anything else that grabs my interest

To help me in this initial  critical thinking stage I have been reading a number of very interesting books and journal articles which I will be referencing and discussing in my subsequent posts…




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