The notes I  based yesterday’s acting workshop session on! 


Rules – no clapping – don’t try and entertain – will be recording so no noises – full attention 

1. Couple Talking 

2 people talk about what they did today

tell both actors the guy always hogs the conversation and that you have to assert yourself

This session was OK – and could be run again with different people… 

2. The Visitor (her and him) 

Tell her – he loves you but has been hurt so often doesn’t know how to let you in

Tell him – get rid of her

This didn’t really work and needs to go somewhere… 

3. Group Meeting 

Tell  – A and B always agree with C –

Tell C – you want to get out of this meeting – just say anything no one… nonsense… say what you like

D – be diplomatic – you are running the meeting but don’t accept any old nonsense

If this meeting was about something it might go somewhere – could be good to use with gangsters… or something genre based – what else? Have a think about it 

4. The Lodger 

tell her – he might kill himself stay with him at all costs – be nice but stay with him

tell him – she might be a psycho – try to get her out of the house – think of reason – but be gentle

Could be better if you pushed the dramatic intensity -but how? 

Father, and 2 sons… 

Tell father – A not successful encourage him – but of liar

B – is successful you don’t worry about him

Tell A – boost your father with your successes

Don’t let B bring him down

Tell B – you want a bit of attention from your father your brother hogs him

This really worked – was magical – but how to run it again with the same actors? This is a problem with the method – no room for refinements without following Mike Leigh’s methodology which somehow seems counter productive. Things to think about! 

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