TITLE: A hero Remembers
ROLE: DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/Concept

I had the privilege of serving as a consultant for the “Enough is Enough” campaign film. This initiative was launched in response to the surge of nationalism and jingoism in the UK, amplified by the influence of the right-wing Tory party. In contrast to this narrative, we chose to create a film that challenged these prevailing sentiments.

The heart of the film revolved around the extraordinary life experiences of a 100-year-old World War II veteran, Wally Nixon,  a true hero who also happened to be a dedicated union activist. By centering the narrative on this remarkable individual, we aimed to offer a poignant and compelling counter-narrative that celebrated the values of unity, solidarity, and shared responsibility.

The film served as a powerful reminder that, even in divisive times, the stories of individuals who have stood for justice and cooperation can inspire and unite us in the face of nationalism and discord.