JEremy Clancy - who's that?

I grew up in Bolsover a small mining town in the north of England – Never really interested in politics until the miners strike struck in the 80’s – fights in the town centre – giving our food parcels to my friends mums – our town being filled with Policemen with southern accents – and after the strike – seeing proud strikers walking down the high st with their union banners. Didn’t hit me at the time what the defeat of the strongest workers union menat at the time – and it still hasn’t fully dawned on me now to be truthful. 

All i know is that life has gotten much harder – people work harder for less – and the rights that were hard won by powerful represenation for working people are evaporating little by little. 

This motivates me – I coudl have worked for advertising agencies ) i had offers when I finished my film degree – not really interested 

this is pivotal time when the transnational companies have more power than nation states – 

despite the odds – we must work together – and good communication is at the heart of that unity – 

people are over sated with the wrong kind of digital content 

i believe that we need to master communication – to be as cunning as snakes and as innocent as lambs – 

to have all the techniques of the advertisers at our disposal – to know what moves the needle – but to use these – not to sell shit – but to share ideas – 

first the ideas then the reality 

a better future for us all 

I also been making animations NDP –