My name is Jeremy Clancy and I have a passion for telling great stories. My skill lies in making my projects come alive, no matter how diverse or complex they may be. Whether it's a short film, documentary or stylish advert slot. 

I am based in the heart of London, one of the world's most dynamic cities and my stories cover everything from the political intensity of the Labour Party's broadcasts to dynamic brands like Coca Cola or Scholl. I like to think I also bring out the human side in my work, helping people understand more than just what lies on the surface.

I have been fortunate enough to lecture in media studies at Hertfordshire University, which has given me the chance to explore a more experimental side to my craft. It's also inspiring to be surrounded by young enquiring minds, eager to take the art of video and special effects in new directions.

I am skilled in the photographic, video and digital editing technologies, and specialise in cinematic style human experience stories and branded content. If you were to ask me my favourite tool it would be the new BMPCC 4k. It's lightweight, great fun to shoot with, and the footage is really top quality. Especially when it's 11.30pm in the rain and you're trying to wrap up while your talented actors are still able to breathe. 

If you're searching for a complete professional, dedicated to his craft and eager to deliver on time, within budget and with no drama, then you probably should give me a shout. Please contact me on the form below or by email at You can find my portfolio here.