TITLE: the proudest moments of my life
ROLE: writer/DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/grading
CLIENT: Balpa Union, TUC

In 2022, I had the privilege of creating a poignant film for BALPA, the union and professional association for pilots in the UK. This film provided a compelling insight into the challenges faced by pilots during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the threat to many new pilot jobs due to airport closures and the broader impact on the aviation industry.

The emotional narrative of the film delved into the unique passion and dedication that drive individuals to become pilots. It highlighted how the pandemic posed a significant threat to the aspirations and livelihoods of new recruits in the field. However, what stood out in the film was the unwavering solidarity and support within the pilot community. It showcased how older, more secure pilots went above and beyond to safeguard the jobs of their younger colleagues, exemplifying the sense of camaraderie and responsibility that defines the aviation profession.

This film not only shed light on the resilience of pilots in the face of adversity but also served as a testament to the enduring spirit of unity and mentorship within the aviation industry, offering inspiration and hope during challenging times.