TITLE: A message from the elders.
ROLE: Editor/Sound DESIGN/Concept
CLIENT: World Health Organisation

In 2021, I created a video for “The Elders,” a group associated with the World Health Organization (WHO), featuring figures like Desmond Tutu and other dignitaries. This video addresses the issue of global warming, combining the wisdom and influence of these leaders to call for action against climate change. Through speeches, visuals, and narratives, the film underscores the interconnectedness of climate change and global health, motivating viewers to engage in the effort to combat this threat.

This video, created in 2021, remains a reminder of the urgency of the climate crisis and the role that influential figures and organizations can play in mobilizing the world towards climate action. It highlights the power of storytelling and advocacy in inspiring individuals, communities, and governments worldwide to unite in the fight against global warming for a sustainable future.