15 Second Facebook Advert

TITLE: 15 SECOND​ FACEBOOK ADVERTROLE: MOTION GRAPHICS/Editor/Sound DESIGN/ANIMATIONCLIENT: Labour Party This is a short advert I made for a a 16-25 yr old audience to encourage membership uptake and member participation. The film was made from footage shot at the Trump protests from 2020 to show the change that can be achieved when people stand […]

Uganda Lodge

TITLE: UGANDA LODGE ROLE: MOTION GRAPHICS/Editor/Sound DESIGNCLIENT: UGANDA LODGE. Uganda Lodge is a volunteering programme based at Ruhanga Development School, calling for new volunteers and students to come and work directly with the local children and assist with community development. Uganda Lodge takes pride in the fact that it isn’t a charity, but instead, a […]

“Let Them Play!” | Dettol Advertisement for Chinese Flu Season

TITLE: “LEt THEM PLAY” DETTOL TV ADVERTROLE: DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: DETTOL, CHINA. An advert I made for Dettol raising awareness about the need for hand washing during the Chinese Flu Season. The film was shown on Chinese Terrestrial TV over the whole Chinese Flu period. 

Creative Nature | FB advert

TITLE: CREATIVE NATURE ROLE:DIRECTOR/DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: CREATIVE NATURE In 2020 “Creative Nature”, a Woolwich based art company that runs outdoor, woodland based, carving and weaving sessions, asked me to produce a ‘natural and authentic’ advert for them that could be shared on Facebook.  The advert we created has a very spontaneous feel and was based on […]

Coca-cola | Reincarnate it.

TITLE: “Reincarnate it”ROLE:WRITER/Editor/Sound DESIGNCLIENT: Coca Cola, online. In 2015  I directed and edited an online advert for Coca-Cola’s 2013 plastic recycling campaign. The video was played extensively across their global social media platforms.