NPD | Canada | Housing Advert

TITLE: NPD | Canada | Housing Advert ROLE: MOTIOn GRAPHICS/Editor/Sound DESIGN CLIENT: New Democratic PARTY, CANADA. Short animation I produced for the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP; Nouveau Parti démocratique, NPD) for their 2021 election. The short 20 second video focuses on housing costs and Trudeau’s reluctance to implement a fair taxation system that favours ordinary Canadians. 

NPD | Canada | 2021 Election | “Billionaires”

TITLE: “BILLIONAIRES” 2021 | NDP ELECTION VIDEO ROLE:ANIMATION/MOTION GRAPHICS/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: New Democratic PARTY, CANADA. Short animation I produced for the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP; Nouveau Parti démocratique, NPD) for their 2021 election. The video features Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the NDP since 2017, displaying the changes he wishes to make for the better future of […]

2019 Labour Party Election Launch Video

TITLE: Labour Party ELECTION LAUNCH VIDEOROLE: DIRECTOR/EDITOR/SOUND DESIGN/MOTION GRAPHICSCLIENT: Labour Party In October 2019, I was given the responsibility to create the 2019 Labour Party Election Launch Video, which was to summarise all of the then leader, Jeremy Corbyn’s achievements, as well as capturing his radical vision for the country. The video successfully narrows down […]

Diwali: Jeremy Corbyn/Hindu Temple.

TITLE: DIWALIROLE: DIRECTOR/DOP/EDITOR/GRADINGCLIENT: Jeremy Corbyn, LOTO. Diwali is the Festival of Lights, and one of the major festivals celebrated across India; the festival generally lasts five days, and it symbolises the spiritual ‘victory of light over darkness, good over evil’. People celebrate Diwali through colourful decorations, fine clothes, and beautiful illuminations, both inside and outside […]

15 Second Facebook Advert

TITLE: 15 SECOND​ FACEBOOK ADVERTROLE: MOTION GRAPHICS/Editor/Sound DESIGN/ANIMATIONCLIENT: Labour Party This is a short advert I made for a a 16-25 yr old audience to encourage membership uptake and member participation. The film was made from footage shot at the Trump protests from 2020 to show the change that can be achieved when people stand […]

Inspire: Art As Activism.

TITLE: INSPIRE: COLLABORATION WITH ANIMATOR KATE JESSOPROLE: MOTION GRAPHICS/Editor/Sound DESIGN/ANIMATIONCLIENT: SELF FUNDED This is a self funded piece I created along with animator, Kate Jessop for the 2019 Election, that sought to encourage artists, of all genres, to come together and use their creativity to envision a fairer more ‘transformative’ and equal society.  The film […]

Uganda Lodge

TITLE: UGANDA LODGE ROLE: MOTION GRAPHICS/Editor/Sound DESIGNCLIENT: UGANDA LODGE. Uganda Lodge is a volunteering programme based at Ruhanga Development School, calling for new volunteers and students to come and work directly with the local children and assist with community development. Uganda Lodge takes pride in the fact that it isn’t a charity, but instead, a […]

“I Can’t Breath”The Unlawful Death of Jimmy Mubenga.

TITLE: “I CAN’T BREATH”:THE MURDER OF JIMMY MUBENGA ROLE: DOP/MOTION GRAPHICS/Editor/Sound DESIGNCLIENT: MIGRANTS ORGANISE Jimmy Mubenga, a healthy 46 year old Angolan man, died on 12 October 2010 following face-forward restraint in his seat by three G4S security guards on a British Airways flight from Heathrow airport to Angola. His last words being “I can’t […]

Emily Sande “You Are Not Alone” | 2019 Labour Party Special

2019 LABOUR PARTY ELECTION VIDEO – “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” BY EMILY SANDE TITLE: EMILY SANDE “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” | 2019 Election Special.ROLE: DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: Labour Party, UK. In 2019 I worked in partnership with Arun Chaudhary, President Obama’s personal filmmaker (during his term in office), on a specially commissioned Labour Party music video – […]

“Let Them Play!” | Dettol Advertisement for Chinese Flu Season

TITLE: “LEt THEM PLAY” DETTOL TV ADVERTROLE: DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: DETTOL, CHINA. An advert I made for Dettol raising awareness about the need for hand washing during the Chinese Flu Season. The film was shown on Chinese Terrestrial TV over the whole Chinese Flu period.