“We Are Many And They Are Few” ft. Beady Man

TITLE: we are many and they are few.ROLE:DIRECTOR/songwriter/DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: Self funded. In May 2018, I produced and directed multiple Party Political Broadcasts for the Labour Party, and this one in particular was focused on the subject of Austerity. The video details how the UK has suffered since the initiation of the Austerity programme by the […]

“Threads” | Party Political Broadcast | Labour Party

TITLE: “THREADS” PPB. ROLE:DIRECTOR/DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADING CLIENT: Labour Party, UK. Exploration of the way the various invisible connections between the institutions in our society – social care, youth services, a well funded police force, community workers, early start, schools – were damaged and broken by the ideologically led Tory austerity programme – and the tragic consequences […]

Jeremy Corbyn | Zaatari Refugee Camp | Jordan

TITLE: Jeremy Corbyn, ZaAtari Refugee Camp, JOrdanROLE:DIRECTOR/DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition I travelled with Jeremy Corbyn to Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan – people extremely resourceful – solar power for the whole camp – the despite this the camp felt  much like a prison – no free movement –  a people trapped […]


TITLE:TEACHERSROLE:DIRECTOR/DOP/Editor/Sound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: Labour Party, UK. Interviews with secondary school teachers. 

Morecambe Youth Centre | Cat Smith, MP

TITLE: Morecombe YOUTH CENTRE | CAT SMITHROLE: DIRECTOR/DOP/EditorSound DESIGN/GRADINGCLIENT: Labour Party, UK. Stanley’s – the lives of young people saved by community – non judgmental – youth centre – talked very freely – open and honest look at the difficulties young people face and the way that community and a non-judgmental and caring – adult […]

Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength

TITLE: diversity is our Greatest strengthROLE:DIRECTOR/DOP/Editor /Sound DESIGNCLIENT: Dawn Butler, MP. This video was created for social media during the 2019 UK General Election, and celebrates diversity in the UK in all its manifestations. The speech, over which the film was edited, was given by Dawn Butler at the Labour Party conference in September 2019. The video […]

Kim Leadbetter | Batley and Spen By-election

TITLE: Kim LeadbeAter | batley & spen By-election launch video ROLE: DIRECTOR/DOP/ Editor/Sound DESIGN CLIENT: Labour Party When I was given the opportunity to make Kim Leadbetter’s Batley and Spen by-election launch video, in May 2021, I was aware that there may be some difficulty presenting Kim’s story in all it’s richness. This was due […]